A non-profit 501(c)(3), grass-root organization.

Our Motto


The ReachBack board members are made up of individuals in the local community: entrepreneurs, young adults, professionals, skilled workers, and junior apprentice.  Our backgrounds are in various industries:  software, post, and secondary education, life science, healthcare, warehousing, government, banking, technology, sales, business, and manufacturing.

We are Strategists and Researchers.

We desire to see all communities win.


For the People and Doing for the People

Daphane Simmons, Founder/ Executive Director & CEO

Veronica Dantzler, Founding Board Member/ Chief Administration

Chelette Mayo, Founding Board Member/ Scrum Master &  PD

Corneila McCowan, Founding Board Member/SVP Career Development

Evelyn Moss, Board Member - SVP Early Education & Gifted Students

Dorothy Downey,  Board Member - Corporate Events Specialist

Undre Collins, Board Member - Veteran & Military Historian

Sabrina Williams, Board Member - Chief Community Outreach

Valerie Moss,  Board Member - Youth Workforce & Entrepreneurship

Gladys Pruitt,  ReachBack Program Director

Jean Lacefeld - Hotsprings Arkansas ReachBack Executive 

Monika Z Rogozinska, Strategist - Global Strategy & Innovation

Lisa Davis, Strategist - Certified Public Accountant & Small Business Finance

Carol Phelps, Coach -  Government Contract Expert

Nicole A Smith, Strategist - Entrepreneur & Workforce

Jessica Smith,  Mentor - Executive Business Coach

Onwuta, Strategist -  Neuro- Tech Inventor and Disability Advocate

Juan Torres, Strategist - Business Advocate and  Mechanical Engineer

Reagan Stewart,  Mentor - Tech Founder and UX Design Expert

Conrad Meertins, Strategist -  Serial Entrepreneur and Tech Founder

Jelani Ellington, Strategist - Serial Small  & Healthcare Expert

Candace L. Crowhurst,  Coach - Serial Entrepreneur & Wellness Expert

Niall Cargill, Strategist - Software Technology & AI Developer

Kashif Ali, Strategist - Blockchain -  Serial Entrepreneur - CRMBase

Junior Board Members Protege

Christian Simmons -  Career Explore: Private Equity

Autumn Meeks - Career Explore: Biotechnology Research

Kyara Lawrence - Career Explore: Entrepreneurship

Langston Levi Suitt- Career Explore:  Gaming Developer/YouTuber

Lawson Levi Suitt- Career Explore: Plastic Surgeon/YouTuber

Chase Patterson- Career Explore: Ergonomic - Architect

Joey Perry - Career Explore :  Environmental Scientist

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