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The best businesses were inspired by something bigger than the entrepreneur.

Daphane Simmons, Founder of ReachBack was inspired by the desire to ensure leaders of all walks of life have an opportunity to lead.

The vision for ReachBack transformed in December 2016, when Founder, Daphane Simmons, heeded an unambiguous message from God to share the concept with millions. That being the case, she started a circle to bring family members together to celebrate the sharing of knowledge. After the 1-year pilot, the product was determined not to be scalable. Daphane's next idea conceived was the Youth Circle with a mission to allow youth to explore their career interest, business, and financial literacy. The pilot succeeded with youth in foster care and attracted busy parents. The plethora of ideas led Daphane to study venture capital models, finding that little to none of these funds reach the majority of American communities and less than 1% is directed to minorities. Her passion and skillset in deep-dive thinking, small business, and entrepreneurship opened her eyes to another alarming finding --- local community talent is being wasted, small businesses can't scale up, burgeoning entrepreneurs return to being underemployed and undervalued in corporate America, and youth lack opportunities to cultivate their talents and share their gifts. Daphane remembered reading how old schoolbooks were sent to minority communities by state educators, recognizing how her friends and relatives were cheated from the opportunities of enrichment and learning, potentially becoming great leaders. Daphane saw the deep-rooted systemic discrimination and economic divide affecting those not of the majority, and in response, ReachBack was born.

We help communities, entrepreneurs, and youth to get where they need to go in the future.

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