ReachBack Youth Circles are Thriving

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Regardless of your zip code or background

If you are determined to be a leader or scale your business, you should have an equitable opportunity.

The Problem

The exclusivity, bias, and lack of diversity have harmed America's entrepreneurial ecosystem.

America's entrepreneurship activity is at a 40-year low and many high school students whom we depend on to run future businesses need encouragement from established leaders to find their grit. So many young talented individuals are hidden in our local communities. Their talents have been ignored, investors find them too difficult to work with and leaders who can help them can't see their value.

ReachBack Sees Value

Our Solution

An integrated entrepreneurship and workforce program immersed with financial education that take local talent to where they want to be in the future.

Our programs help young people increase their motivation for learning by connecting them to real-world leadership and business problems.

Entrepreneurs get a jumpstart to starting a business

Youth get work experience so they're attractive to employers

We are an entrepreneurial, experiential learning pre-seed accelerator that provides business and professional training.

  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Start-up Business Planning

  • Financial Modeling

  • Risk Management Planning

  • Strategic & Exit Planning

  • Partnership Planning

  • Operational Planning

  • Sales & Marketing Planning

  • Deals and Negotiation Planning

  • Workforce Development Training

  • Career Development Planning

  • Job Hunting Skills & Preparation

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities

What Happens After Training

Entrepreneurs Work in Their Passion Running a Startup Business.

Intrapreneurs Work in Their Passion and Are Placed in Sector-Based Careers with Advancement, or National Service, e.g. AmeriCorps.

Participants Become a ReachBack Alumni and Receive Post Service Support.

Many Young People Are Lost Trying to Figure Out This Thing Called Entrepreneurship.

ReachBack is accepting applications for its mStreet-E3 Startup School - COHORT I starting Fall 2022.


Community Innovators who have ideas.

  • Our definition of a Community Innovator is an entrepreneur or intrapreneur with creative skills. These individuals want to share their gifts with the world but haven't figured it out.


Lead a Startup

  • Receive Coaching and Mentoring from Management Consultants and Founders

  • Take Part in Venture Back or Bank Ready Startups

  • Learn What Top Accelerators Teach and Want

  • Learn Valuable Business, Executive, Financial and Project Management Skills

  • Put Your Leadership Skills to Work

  • Work in Your Passion

  • 6-week to 3-Month Accelerated Entrepreneurial Opportunity

  • Receive ReachBack Ongoing Support

Research shows all small businesses start small, but minority businesses tend to stay small. We help you scale.

Young Adults

Lead in the Workforce

  • Receive Coaching from Small Business Owners

  • Gain Valuable Business, Consulting, Financial and Project Management Skills

  • Learn an Industry and Sector-base Career

  • Build Your Confidence By Working On Tough Business Issues

  • Solve Real Business Problems

  • Up to 3-months of Small Business Internship

  • Become Marketable and Job Ready

  • Workforce Placement Support

  • Explore Your Passion

  • Receive ReachBack Ongoing Support

Nearly half of college graduates are underemployed in their first jobs, a third of engineering students and majority personal culinary services grads can't find jobs. We help you find jobs.

Small Business Owners

Lead Founders

  • Mentor and Coach an Entrepreneurial Team

  • Submit Your Ideas

  • Share in the ReachBack Collective Equity and Revenue Sharing Model

  • Offer Guidance in Running a Business

  • Provide Connections and Networking Opportunities

  • Drive Economic Development Initiatives

  • Participate in the process of Ideation of a Startup

  • Be Recognized as a ReachBack MainStreet Angel Supporter

You ever heard of the phrase, "ideas are a dime a dozen?" The perpetuation in the gap of business knowledge and fair access to capital supports why this phrase is true. Let's work together to give more leaders an opportunity to launch their businesses.

Youth Directors

Lead a Youth Career Project

  • Support Youth in Your Community and Savings Plans, e.g. 529 Plan

  • Teach Youth Valuable Business, Financial and Career Skills

  • Choose New, Community Uplifting and Experiential Projects

  • Provide Youth with the Entrepreneurship and 21st Century Skills Needed Today

  • Inspire and Prepare Young People to Succeed and Become Informed Consumers

  • Inform Young People About Career Opportunities They May Not Have Otherwise Known About

  • Receive ReachBack Ongoing Support

An unmotivated student's desire to learn starts at the beginning of elementary and decreases steadily until they graduate from high school or dropout. Help us make change.


Community Innovators Supported by:

Strategist and Researchers

Financial Modeling & Planning

Access to Capital & Career Support

One Organization or Community Can't Drive Social Progress Alone.

We're Strategists and Researchers dedicated to redesigning proven financial models and frameworks that drive social progress and access to capital in the local community, executed in unprecedented ways to measurably improve lives.

By doing so, ReachBack will help create new Main Street entrepreneurs and provide access for the unemployed and underemployed young adults and youth to gain knowledge, new skills and/or upskills for career progression and leadership roles.

Local Governments & Agencies

Become a ReachBack Community

The ReachBack Initiative is for Municipal Entities who want to support small businesses and youth in an innovative way and are the pioneers of early adoption programs as a model to bring about innovation and community progress for all its citizens.

The ReachBack 5-2-1 Community Impact Initiative is an entrepreneurial, economic development initiative and social partnership.

Economic Mobility is a high priority and challenge for municipal leaders to correct.

By joining the initiative, municipal leaders can drive the change that unmotivated students need to adopt a growth mindset; all while increasing economic mobility and social progress for all its citizens and small businesses.

Join the ReachBack 5-2-1 Initiative

Impact by 2025

50 Local Government/Community Agencies

1000 Small Businesses

24,000 Youth




Share Your Talent with ReachBack

The ReachBack Initiative is for individuals and organizations who care about growing talent.

Business Associations

Grow Membership

  • Provide Another Valuable Service to Your Members to Help Them Grow Their Businesses

  • Provide the Research Your Community Needs to Inform

  • Drive Small Businesses with Another Economic Development Model

  • Get Recognized as the Catalyst for Meaningful Community Projects

  • Be the First to Know What Small Businesses are Starting Up and Their Training Needs

  • Be Recognized as a ReachBack Partner


Hire Intrapreneurs

Looking for Great Talent - Partner With Us

  • Tap Into a Pipeline of Talented and Trained Young Adults with Intrapreneurial Skills

  • Screened and Access Job Candidates Who Have Passion for the Skills You Desire

  • Workforce Participants Learn Highly Sought After Skills in the Area of Sales, Consulting, Project Management, and Sector-Based Demand Careers; as well as Professional Soft Skills like Communications, Team Work, Time Management, Research and Critical Thinking - Our Goal is Resourcefulness

  • Work to Meet the Needs of Corporations Through a Long-term Hiring Strategy, Strategic Placement and Talent Search

  • Be Recognized as a ReachBack Partner

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

Coach and Mentor

  • As a Subject Matter Expert (SME), Mentor and Coach Participants

  • Offer Guidance in Your Field of Study No Matter Your Background

  • Facilitate Meet-ups and Topics for Discussion

  • Share in the ReachBack Collective Equity and Revenue Sharing Model

  • Because of Your Knowledge, You Can Be Proud Knowing Someone Avoided Making the Mistakes You Made

  • Be Recognized as a ReachBack Supporter

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